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Daily Hot Spot Internet Service

Can you See me Now? Broadcast SSID:

Free Wi-Fi@JimmyWireless.com

1024 download/ 256 kbps upload - supported by local advertising

Hot Spot Subscription Services
Service Code

Service Name

Usage Time


001 Great America Daily 24 Hours $4.99*

004 Main Street Libertyville Daily 24 Hours $4.99**

007 Mundelein Park District Daily 24 Hours $4.99**



Free Links to confirm Internet connectivity

Google News

Boingo Wireless

Anchor Free HotSpot Shield Free Download

JiWIRE HotSpot Helper

*Please note that the time block of selected service is based on unlimited connect -     time based usage. Also please kindly note that there will be no refund once connectivity is confirmed. Subscriptions renews automatically until canceled.

  • Payments are processed via PayPal recurring payment processing.
  • After payment is made, you must select "Return to Merchant" and accept the acceptable user policy agreement, if you disagree with the policy, Internet access will continue to be contained within the Jimmy Wireless "Walled Garden".
  • Manual intervention can be provided by calling Jimmy @ 847-208-2647
  • Sales Tax and handling fee is added at checkout
  • Credit card statements will process payment as: PAYPAL *JAKMART*
  • PayPal accepts most major credit cards without requiring a PayPal account.
  • Account information will be emailed to you once your payment is completed.
  • Jakmart adheres to the PayPal privacy policy, click here to view policy.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Hot Spot Info

Billing via PayPal

DHCP IP Address Auto Configuration



No User Name and Password to Remember

Newly discovered MAC Address Authentication automatically gets assigned to Traffic Shaping Que 1.

Layer 2 Client Isolation - No Snooping Neighbors

Private IP Assignment - DHCP behind NAT/Firewall

Boingo Free Wi-Fi Software


Windows Mobile 5.0 (beta)



Web JimmyWireless.com



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